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the window, my eyes never leav
The sunshine in June is very warm. It is pouring freely among the dense branches of the trees. I overlook the window through the glass of the curtain wall Cigarettes Online. The vast city is shrouded in this light, and the years are glorious because of you. Every time I look at the rising sun, the clouds in the sky after sunset and sunset, the complicated memories are like the faint glow of the setting sun, reflecting the rushing years, just the taste of adding sunshine to this age, very warm, like a motherly I remember clearly, after the expected date of delivery has been ten days, you still have to sleep in the stomach and refuse to come out, you can not worry about the doctor, do you remember the scar on your stomach? That is the trace of your leaving the wall! Son, I saw you at first sight, and understood the meaning of life coming to this world. The little quilt wrapped a small one, a pair of black and bright big eyes, wide forehead. Stroking your soft, slender little hand and talking to you, suddenly you are wrong. First, I pouted and then I burst into tears. It turned out that you pulled the stench... In that year, I was twenty-eight years old. When I think about it, I still find it very interesting. When you are full of sleep, your mouth is slightly rising. The mouth of the long deciduous teeth keeps drooling, and Yiyi says who can��t understand it; Extremely fast, you are still in trouble for the first ten seconds, only five seconds after preparation: five, four, three, two, one asleep! Look at the well-behaved look when you are asleep, oh! My dear baby is watching you learn to turn over and learn to climb forward a little bit. In eight months, you learned to move forward in the walker. At the beginning, you haven't mastered the inertia of the speed of the walker. It's inevitable that you will encounter it when you touch it, but you always make unremitting efforts. I don't know if you hurt your knees and cry, I have you who have a bad heart. However, I remember very clearly that you enjoy the freedom of wearing a skate in the walker and move freely to your favorite toy. You are happy, it looks like a sunflower in full bloom in summer. . The round flower disk is like your tender, cute smile. Some things come suddenly, and people are caught off guard. Soon, I was forced to send you to the kindergarten. Clearly remember, you are crying through the glass window with tears on your face! At that time, you still don't know what is necessary, only helpless crying, I am hiding in the corner of the window, my eyes never leave you, know the grievances in your heart, how do you know how mothers are? Distressed? I don��t want to see the strangeness of the road, the uncomfortable discomfort will only let the tears linger in my face. I was thirty years old. You just got two years old and gradually adapted to the kindergarten environment. This process has gone through a big Cried, silently shed tears, and said with a crying voice: "Mom comes to pick me up!" To say loudly: "Mom see you again!" Time is a cruel and fulfilling thing, watching the little, still Hey, you become a well-behaved child in the blink of an eye, oh, follow the teacher to learn children's songs, tell stories, watch the performances in every kindergarten, watch your confident standing on the stage, and sincerely proud of your growth. wire. Every time I watched the rising sun, the clouds in the sky after sunset, watching the leaves outside the window green, yellow, falling, green and growing slowly, as if I saw my childhood shadow . I clearly remember the way I was when I was in elementary school on the first day. I didn��t feel like crying again. I didn��t have the first extra request to pick me up. The little face in the classroom behind the desk was sitting in front of the desk. In front of my pupils, you gradually become busy. The school is still far away from home. From the school, you should take the bus about 6 stops. The memory is carrying a schoolbag, the door key and the bus. You in the car card Newport 100S, you are always stained with sweat by the cat face, the one who enters the corridor and shouts: "Mom I am back!" The naughty ghost seems to still remember yesterday? In the summer of your 4th grade, you will be given a one-week "I can do it, I am the best!" Summer camp to exercise your child's self-care ability Parliament Cigarettes. It��s the day of July, it��s very hot, my father and I took you to the bus. I told you how to apply
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