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BioGenX Emotional closeness, even when the physical component is impossible, can cause the collapse of real relationships. It’s easier for people to find an excuse for their actions if they happen only virtually, but the consequences, such as the loss of faith and love, can be as dire as with a real romance on the side. In addition to the emotional connection, virtual communication provides an opportunity to transfer acquaintances into reality. Of course, you can go to the museum, but I sincerely doubt that people get acquainted in sex chats in order to visit the museum in reality. Expert opinion One evening you found your partner in a porn site or in a sex chat. No need to lose your temper and hang tags. Maybe this is an ordinary curiosity. At the same time, a certain tendency is the result of problems in your relationship. Experts believe that the attempt to search for love relationships on the Internet itself can be a sign of serious problems in your personal life. The contradictions that arise must be resolved in real life, and not try to compensate for them using the network. Psychologists' opinions differ in what degree of enthusiasm should be cause for concern, but most agree that virtual sex once a week or more often is an alarming sign and requires an expert. Of course, a great and bright feeling is the dream of many. But what if it has not yet arrived? Your great love is still staggering somewhere around the world, and spring is in the yard, and the blood is boiling like a soup forgotten on the stove. 


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