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I generally avoid that other meals the last meal that will typically have before I go to bed I will mention is just protein that's it so just plant-based protein powder I always try to go to bed on an empty stomach you want to avoid carbs before bedtime or anything too heavy so I only just put in protein because when you have carbs or somethin ketoviante g heavy your body has to is going to be digesting that while you're sleeping excuse me while you're sleeping so when you wake up you're still you're going to be tired a lot of people they sleep eight hours the wake up they're still tired because their brain was sleeping but their body was still working overtime to digest that food so it's using all this energy so I'm not only going to feel tired and sluggish in the morning but also your body is going to store all that excess as body fat whereas if you go to bed on an empty stomach your body can start to burn fat while you're sleeping which is great and you'll wake up with a lot of energy so protein is the only thing I have before I go to bed those are the five or six meals that I'll have each day and again I'm staying within occurr a certain 


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