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Alpha testo boost x and slept in three feel from my experience okay so you know everybody has different things going on but they buddy and I just leave people to be just realistic I do have the the new kangaroo that's coming out this week with the libido host know we'll be in today if not today definitely by tomorrow it should be in I'm gonna put this down now my lady's there do not have libido let's just let me talk on the beat up libido is produced by your ovaries okay if you have had a hysterectomy if you've had a partial if you've had your ovaries removed if you've had any type of those female procedures done okay and you're not having to cycle anymore that means your body's not beedo that is the reason why I nothing is interesting to you when it comes down to six because you don't have a little bit on your back this is called on libido okay this is the natural way to put libido in your body daily what you do is you open this up you squeeze this just press down on it and it's a liquid this come on and what you do is you rub it on the back of your neck every day rub it on the back of your neck what this does is it puts libido in your body that your body is not creating on the song anymore this is what option the next option is volectro the lecturer is a pill that you take that puts libido in your body okay then we have now some people they probably is not that 

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