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Alpha testo boost x the so the first thing we're going to do is go over some of these things how they work big debate is if they work or not from the people that I talk to and make these for they do work in varying degrees and I kind of equate it as to I guess you'd say like a diet some people it works for some people it works for real well some people that work for just a little bit a couple of things we're gonna get going here these are some of the ones that you get out of websites they work on spring tension so there's Springs loaded into these into these little rods and people get their selves clamped into these and then it's spring tension that operates it the screw out the little nuts here on the side and it increases the tension there's other types of these there's air-powered which this would be one of the air powered models so it uses air while we look out that would have hurt so it uses air too for the tension this one also is a air-powered so you can I don't know if you can see this I'll try to do the best I can here while juggling but yeah you can barely see that move there we go so it's air power that powers these up it's a it provides a lot more power than the spring tension and these things can go up to 30 40 pounds before I guess it pulls your appendage completely off I guess that would be the disclaimer with this never use these on a human appendage that being said big enough the ground there what they don't tell you in some of these websites magazines books wherever you get these things from is that they come in different sizes screw this on there 


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