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In May, when the fragrance of wormwood floated through the streets and fields and villages, another Dragon Boat Festival came as the way, and all the ancient customs related to it came in. The streets were full of hawkers selling carts. The variety of sachets marks the progress of the times and the emergence of a variety of new things, but the ancient wormwood raw materials in the sachet will be the eternal theme, it is a continuation of our ancient culture Online Cigarettes, we can not The roots of the ancestors who have forgotten, the vastness of the land has made the customs a little different, but the Dragon Boat Festival is an important holiday that cannot be forgotten in our lives. I remember that on the day of the Dragon Boat Festival, my mother will wake up our sisters when the sun has not yet come out, let us roll back and forth on the grass in the back yard, let the cool and sweet dew covered the whole body. It is said that the drug king in the dew of the Dragon Boat Festival blends the good medicine inside. Any place where the body is moistened with dew will not be bitten by mosquitoes or suffer from skin diseases Cigarettes Online. Nowadays, the city's life has rarely seen the crystal clear morning dew hanging on the top of the grass, but in the evening of the Dragon Boat Festival, we will still have a basin of clear water outside, used to wash the face in the morning, wash our eyes and eyes as a big time. When you are smashing the wine of the realgar, you are also expecting a certain Dragon Boat Festival in the future, you can become an adult, and you can taste its mellow taste. When you really become an adult, you dare not try its spicy. And bitter, but only hope that life is as plain and peaceful as water. When the age of crying no longer for a sachet came, I realized that the "Dragon Boat Festival" was set to commemorate the patriotic Qu Yuan. When the hatred of the poet Qu Yuan was gone, it was no longer so indignant. Only then did I understand that I was already old and had no active passion. See also the Dragon Boat Festival, the wormwood on the mother's grave once again reached the waist-deep height, so that when I bowed, I couldn't see everything around me, only to see a pile of loess in front of me. The wrinkles on the father's face can not be separated from the vertical and horizontal, the white hair is like the silver body, like the old tree in the wind. Although the leg injury of the sister has basically recovered, but the road is faintly visible, the slight bumps can be seen. My brother's body was so thin that it made me sore, and the clear little spots on my hands made me turn my face and tears. The honest mirror tells me that youth and youth have long since fallen for themselves. After a Dragon Boat Festival, I will be old for a year. The wormwood is still fragrant, the sachet is still eye-catching, and the price-stacked egg stalls are still crowded with the people who bought it. The realgar wine is still spicy, the scorpion is still sweet, the garlic is still expensive and daunting but not like last year. This "Dragon Boat Festival" is still a rainy day. In addition to the noon customs and feelings that remain unchanged throughout the year Wholesale Cigarettes, there is another season in my life that is different from the previous May. The bite that I ate in one bite was more than the sticky, glutinous, sweet, lingering enthusiasm, and how much tenderness and helpless emotions were inside, and the scorpion swayed in front of me. Reflected in my heart, staying in my life, is the deep feelings and embarrassing love that will never change in May of the year. See also Dragon Boat Festival, my heart is gone! See also Dragon Boat Festival, I feel the truth! See also Dragon Boat Festival, my heart is still!
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