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Xinyu Enameled Aluminum Wire ( Brief Introduction)
Enameled aluminum wire is a main type of winding wire. It consists of two parts: conductor and insulating layer. After bare wire is annealed and softened, it is baked and baked. However, it is not easy to produce a product that meets the requirements of the standard and meets the requirements of the customer. It is affected by factors such as raw material quality, process parameters, production equipment, and environment. Therefore, the quality characteristics of the enamelled aluminum wire and the enamelled copper wire are not The same, but all have four properties of mechanical properties, chemical properties, electrical properties, thermal properties.
Enamelled aluminum wire excellent in high temperature resistance, mechanical properties, electrical and chemical properties and excellent
Enamelled aluminum wire Resistant to freezing performance, suitable for long-term working refrigeration equipment and chemically eroded electrical equipment, dry-type transformers, oil-immersed transformers and epoxy casting transformers, iron removers, electromagnets and other mechanical and electrical equipment. Enamelled aluminum wire is not only used for equipment, but also the main raw material commonly used by aluminum artists.
Characteristics Of Enameled Aluminum Wire:
A) Excellent resistance to heat.
B) Excellent electricity performance.
C) Excellent heat shock, adherence and flexibility.
D) Lighter than enameled copper wire, easy to transport, help lower raw material costand transportation fee.
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