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Nike React Element 55 The B2-FERA Volt is Available Now
Nike React Element 55 The B2-FERA Volt is equipped with a Nike React cushioning and a retro-shoe-like look. The Nike React Element 55 is a pair of trendy shoes with a high rate of street appearance. This time Nike teamed up with Bolivian fashion designer Fera Schmidt to create the Nike React Element 55 “B2-FERA” color scheme inspired by the designer's journey from Bolivia to New York City. The use of bright-eyed fluorescent green through, complemented by black Swoosh, shows a striking contrast.
Air Force 1 has always been a very popular classic shoe, but many players think he is hard and heavy, and it is still very hot in summer. So Nike launched a version of Flyknit. Recently, Nike Air Force 1 Flyknit 2.0 Rainbow Weave Color is coming soon. The Nike Air Force 1 Flyknit 2.0 upper is the most popular rainbow design in Flyknit woven material. The 2.0 version of the layered weave brings a very similar upper structure to the conventional Air Force 1. The midsole is completely made of foamed material, and the outsole is also replaced with foamed material to replace the rubber, which makes the foot feel softer and lighter. The sense of foot is much better than the conventional Air Force 1, which is especially suitable for the current season.
Once launched, Nike Air VaporMax attracts the attention of many players. Whether it is shape design or dazzling color matching, it is the best choice for trend lovers. This time, there is a new color matching VaporMax exposure. The body is black with a main color, and the upper is covered with a flap material to ensure the breathability and greatly reduce the weight of the shoe. The one-piece tongue provides excellent fit for everyday wear. The laces and heels are accented with yellow accents, which are extremely bright under the black background. The side Swoosh and the upper Mini Swoosh are blue, which contrasts sharply with the laces to invigorate the entire pair. Equipped with a full-face VaporMax air cushion, it is sure to provide a good foot feel.

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