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Large Format Beige Thin Ceramic Panels manufacturers
Jiangsu Boyici Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.(BOYOS), established in December 2008, with a registered capital of 18 million, is a large-scale private enterprise with thin porcelain tile, insulation decorative board research and development, design, production, sales and installation in one. The core product is thin porcelain tile, with its five features of "thin, big, light, hard and new", which is mainly used in hotel engineering, residential real estate, hospital engineering, industrial real estate, commercial building, government affair engineering, municipal engineering, energy saving renovation project, commercial space, house space and other fields.
At present, BOYOS has two major production bases in China and the headquarter is located Yangtze River Delta in Taixing City, Jiangsu Province. BOYOS independently developed a fully automated production line for thermal insulation decorative board with an annual output of 1 million M2. The new thin porcelain tile production base settled in Jingdezhen, the base has a number of the most advanced kiln production line, with a large spray drying tower, large tonnage presses, 210 meters optimized and advanced furnace, 4D inkjet printer, automatic roller three-dimensional printing machine... BOYOS, taking Jingdezhen ceramic industry system as the basis, promotes the enterprise development and production processes, to provides innovative products and better solutions in line with market demands, and opens a new chapter in the development of enterprise.
For consumers:
high cost-performance among outdoor wall construction materials, convenient construction, more suitable for warm, heat transfer efficiency increased by 50%, saving interior space, the second decoration zero dis-assembly;
For construction developers:
construction load dropped by more than 60%, improve construction safety and quality, higher speed of construction, saving cost, high returns;
For dealers in ceramic tile industry:
new product, new opportunity, low-carbon, environmental, saving energy and materials, a broad space for development, good prospects.
Up to now, BOYOS thin porcelain tiles have been exported to more than 40 countries and regions, praised by customers domestic and abroad. We warmly welcome you to negotiate and visit. Your satisfaction has always been BOYOS people's unremitting pursuit!Large Format Beige Thin Ceramic Panels manufacturers

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