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Customized Aluminium Alloy Protective Film
1.Our History
HuaLiBao industrial Co., Ltd. established in 2000, is a leading Hi-tech enterprise of Guangdong province, engaging mainly in design and manufacture of products for surface protection. It occupies an area of 53,000 m2 with employees more than 300. HuaLiBao sells well its PE/PET/CPP/BOPP protective films in domestic market as well as overseas and is recognized widely by customers. Besides, it has registered its well-known trademarks HLB and Bao Lu Da in China.
2.Our Factory
In the protective film industry, we have the most integrated, end-to-end product lines and solutions for temporary surface protection.
1.We have our own film blowing machines, glue making workshops, coating machines and cutting machines; our workers are well trained and with good operation skills.
2. We are experienced in export business for the protective film. With more than 17 years experience in this industry, we can offer you efficient solutions for your import business.
3. Our R&D team is always paying attention to newly developing trends in global adhesive products, we've invested large amounts in technical improvements annually. We have designed more new products, with wider applications that lead the market's direction.
4. HuaLiBao is a large scale manufacturer and supplier for the protective film products, we can assure customers quick delivery time as well as high quality.
3.Our Product
HuaLiBao Products include the following:
1. Electronic protective film series
2. Building material protective film series,
3. Embossed film series
4. Household appliances protective film series
5. Carpet film series
6. PET protective film
7. BOPP protective film
8. CPP protective film
9. Static protective film
10. Transfer paper series
4.Product Application
HuaLiBao products are aiming to help customers preserve the value of products by providing a effective solution to protect the quality of the product surfaces from damage which can occur during the different stages of the manufacturing, storage and transport processes. Surface Protective films will reduce quality costs linked to damaged goods and improve brand image. The protective films designed and manufactured by HuaLiBao are widely used in many industries such as aluminum profiles, PC/PMMA/ABS/PET sheets, glass, stainless steel, pre-painted metals, household appliance, carpets and etc. Transfer paper is mainly used for transfer locating of decal and marks on motorcycles, vehicles, containers, railway transport containers.
5.Our Certificate
ISO 9001:2008 ISO 9001:2015, SGS, Quality Credit Corporation, Coating/rewinding/perforating Patent.
6.Production Equipment
Research and Development system,
Glue making system,
Film-blowing machines,
Three-color printing machines,
Glue coating machines,             
Rewinding machines,
Slitting machines
7.Production Market
We have over 16 years of export experience for the protective films. We sell well overseas and offer worry-free Shipping & Quality service.
8.Our service
1. Before the deal, we need to collect enough information to offer you the suitable products and best price, mainly include: color/thickness of the film, need printing or not, size of each roll, and what kind of surface need the film to stick on, etc.
2. In the production, we will follow up every detail for the products, focus on the manufacture schedule and quality, and book the vessel for the cargo shipping in advance.
3. After shipping, we will keep you inform about the arrival of the cargo. And we will follow up the product usage. Help customer make the next order plan in time. In case customer has any question and complain about the product, we will discuss with our technical dept. and work out a good solution.Customized Aluminium Alloy Protective Film

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