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China PE Machinery
PE Shoe cover machine is used to produce disposable shoe cover, PE material and finished products from raw material into the expected completion of both a line of automated equipment. The high quality parts surface treatment, beautiful, durable, easy wear and reliable operation; Smooth operation, little vibration, low noise; Adopting adanced electrical control parts operated by PLC programme, frequency control, electronic counting, energy efficient. The bonding of PE materials adopts adjustable ultrasonic welding or a combination of electric welding, Both two sides of the shoe cover have non woven welding to make the shoe cover more strong.
Machine Dimention: 1500(L)*1050(W)*1470(H)mm
Power: 220V or 380V, 1Phase
Power Comsuption: 3.1kw
Net Weight: 400kgs
Speed: >180Pieces/MinChina PE Machinery

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