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China Matt Black Hexagon Ceramic Wall Tile suppliers
Foshan Pantile Building Material Co., Ltd is located in the world famous ceramic town Foshan, China. We have more than 10 years’ experience in manufacturing, selling and servicing of ceramic tiles and mosaics. Our mission is to provide the best quality products and the most professional service to our clients around the world. We have various type of products to meet different styles and cultures of different people. Simplicity, naturalness, nobleness, fashion and elegant are the keywords of our product design.
The main products we produce are:
1. Polished porcelain tiles, such as ivory white, crystal double loading, pulati, navona, natural stone, super white, tulips, amazon, noble stone, middle white, fullbody granite tile;
2. Polished glazed tiles, such as pure white, bianco cararra, calacata, nero marquina, marbles, wood stone, cream marfil, jades and monocolor;
3. Matt glazed tiles, such fullbody basalt, metal, wood, cement, rocky face, pure color, sand stone;
4. Big size tiles. We not only have the tiles in general sizes 600x600mm and 800x800mm, but also have in size 1200x1500mm, 800x1800mm, 900x1800mm!
5. Mosaics, such as glass mosaic, ceramic mosaic, stone mosaic, stainless steel mosaic, aluminum mosaic, and combinations.
We are pursuing mutually beneficial win-win cooperation with all prospective and existing clients.China Matt Black Hexagon Ceramic Wall Tile suppliers

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