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China Blow Moulding Machine
Product Description:
Cosmetic bottle blowing machine in China ,Fully Automatic Bottle Making Machine Price

1.Professional cosmetic stretch blowing machine introduction:
A. Controlled by micro-computer with each main process fitted with safety of self-locking, it is operated by only one worker and the total production is completed automatically. Its wide utilization and reliable performance make it become popular and attractive to all bottle manufacturers.
B. It's strongest point is energy savings. Adopting high pressure clamping, C-STORM automatic stretch blow molding machine makes self-adjustment in accordance with the different pressure needed during production, thus ensures the super clamping force.
C. While the high pressure sealing system with automatic adjustment permits that mold sealing is under condition of 100% air tightness before blowing and avoid air energy loss owing to incomplete air tightness. With such effective control over air energy and power, it takes a big part to lower costs and improve efficiency.
2. PET blowing Machine details:

3.Machine Specifications:
Items General Infomation ECO-2000 ECO-4000 ECO-6000
Theoretical Output pesticide bottle (due to the weight and shape),BPH 1800 3000 4500
Container Cavity number 2 4 6
Maximum container volume(Ltr) 0.6 0.6 0.6
Preform neck diameter(mm) 12-26 12-26 12-26
container biggest diameter(mm) 65 65 65
Max.container heigh(mm) 260 260 260
Electric system Max. installed Power(Kw) 24 52 68
Max.heating Power,(Kw) 20 48 64
Max. Use power,(Kw) 14 29 36
Power voltage( V) 380 380 380
Air System Working Pressure(kg/cm2) <10 <10 <10
LP air compressor (Ltr,10kg/cm2) 1200 1600 2000
Blow Pressure (kg/cm2) ≤35 ≤35 ≤35
HP air Compressor (Ltr,40kg/cm2) 1200 2000 2400
Chiller Water Recommend water chiller (HP) 3 5 8
Machine Machine Dimension (meter) 2.5*1.9*2.1 4.1*2.1*2.1 5.1*2.1*2.1
Machine Weight,(Kg) 2800 3500 3500
Feeder Dimension (meter) 2.0*1.3*2.6 2.1*1.3*2.9 2.1*1.3*2.9
Feeder Weight (Kg) 300 320 360
4.Custormer Visited:

5.Our service:
1. We have been engaged in the machine field for more than 10 years and have much experience in manufacturing plastic machines.
2. Brand-name parts of the machine,and they are also optional according to your needs.
3. Engineering team provide you with the most suitable model towards your products.
4. Technical training and service is the advantage of us.
5. The machine can working more than 10 years without damage by human.
6. We will reply your inquiry within 12 hours.
7.Your business relationship with us will be confidential to any third party.
8.Good after sale service offered,please get back if you got question.

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